Bicycle Accidents

In any busy city, bicycles are a common form of transportation. Riding a bicycle is good for the environment and a  great form of regular exercise. Unfortunately, many drivers get frustrated by bicyclists and forget that motor vehicles are generally required to share the road with bicyclists. Tragically, there are nearly 500,000 bicycle incidents every year, and almost 1,000 bicyclists die annually as a result of their injuries. Being involved in a bicycle collision is very scary, and many people are confused about what to do following an incident. The best thing you can do is contact a skilled personal injury attorney who can help you with your claim. Having an advocate on your side gives you the best chance at recovering what you’re entitled to receive under the law. If you’ve recently been involved in a bicycle incident, read below to learn more and don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with a skilled attorney at Live Oak Injury Law Group.

What’s the Main Cause of Bicycle Incidents?

Just like there are many causes for car crashes, there are many different reasons for a bicycle accident. The important difference is that bicycles leave users much more exposed during a collision, which means bicyclists are at a higher risk for serious, life altering injuries. We’ve listed some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents to help you stay vigilant while riding.

How Can I Prove My Bicycle Injury Claim?

The key to proving most personal injury cases is negligence. Negligence is when a party (usually an individual or some kind of entity) has a legal duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety and wellbeing of others, but they fail to use reasonable care. As it relates to bicycle accidents, drivers on the road have the responsibility to operate their vehicles safely in a way that does not harm those around them. Generally, there are several factors to consider to prove that negligence caused a bicycle accident. These factors are:
  1. A person’s obligation to take care of another is called Duty of Care. This means that you must prove that the other involved party had a legal obligation to you to act (or not act) in a way that would not cause harm to you or your property.
  2. A breach of duty is the type of negligence that occurs when a person or entity fails to take reasonable measures to preserve a standard of care. This means that the other party had a Duty of Care, and they breached this duty by failing to act in a way that preserved your safety.
  3. Causation is critical to linking the breach of duty (negligent conduct of the other party) to your injury. In California, a plaintiff must show that the negligent party caused or was a substantial factor in causing the injury.
  4. Finally, the amount of damages that can be claimed by an injured person depends on the nature of the accident and its effects on the victim. You must be able to prove that your damages were a result or consequence of the other party failing to act.

If You Were Involved in a Bicycle Incident, Speak With a Personal Injury Attorney Today.

Proving and winning a personal injury claim is no easy feat, since many people deny that they were at fault. Often, when it comes to bicycle accidents, it can be challenging to prove that the vehicle is the at-fault party. At Live Oak Injury Law Group, we are skilled in assisting clients with a wide range of personal injury claims. We’re confident that we can represent your best interests in court and get you the settlement you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation.

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