R. Hernandez

Howard Z.

When I was at the age of 65, I was involved in a slip-and-fall accident by a swimming pool in a health club. That was the very first day that I and my wife signed up and paid the Club's membership fee, and we decided to try the club's swimming pool. Unfortunately, when I was approaching to the pool, ... I slip and fell very badly and fractured my left wrist. My wife then called 911, and I was put in a emergency room...the rest is the history. After a surgery and painful sleepless and agonizing nights as well as numerous therapies, I barely recovered and went back to work. I contacted the club manager telling them the floor by the swimming pool is way too slippery. The answer was that they are willing to waive my membership fee for a whole year in order to compensate my loss due to this accident. I then contacted one very big law firm in the Bay Area since they had a nice TV advertisement. However, after a consultation, they decided not to take my case based on the fact that I, like all other people, must sign a Waiver form required when joining the club, and this would make the case extremely hard to fight for any attorneys. I then found Rich Eichenbaum via my son-in-law who told me Rich is a sharp person working in a law firm and as a last resort we contacted him. We provided a few photos of the slip-and-fall scene my wife took next day after I fell by that club's swimming pool (we fortunately did that!), after several weeks e-mail back and forth, Rich informed us that he is going to take my case and fight for me and my family. My son-in-law has been working for insurance companies for decades, he estimated we could win as much as 50K if we end up winning the case- what was an excitement as opposed to the Club's offer of one year free membership! We had a first interview with Rich. Knowing all details of my case, he presented a road map of how he would fight for it and eventually win the case. He is very insightful, determined and confident, we trust him with his unusual capability. Working with Rich Eichenbaum is a pleasant experience. He thoughtfully arranged all necessary medical exams and court depositions in front of defendant's attorney. After a year or so process, we couldn't believe that we were going be compensated for 250K! Our whole family appreciated Rich's arduous legal fight for us and feel very fortunate we found a right attorney, Rich Eichenbaum. We sincerely hope others do the same if they are involved in any injuries.

D. G.

Rich you were very professional, knowledgeable and very informative the whole time i have worked with you. You truly are a great attorney that really cares and gets to know his client. You helped me get the right treatment plan and kept me informed on the process through the entire case ... When i needed to reach out to you, You were always very responsive and demonstrated great communication skills which i think is very helpful. Without your help me and my family would have been in deep trouble financially and that is why i want to thank you again for your help and representationof my case. It was a honor to work with you sir. I wish you all the best and i hope this helps.

Charlie H.

Rich you have been a great listener and diligent in holding the insurance company for their responsibilities involving our accident. ... accountable With all the ups and downs of this last 18 months you have made yourself available at all times, I appreciate all that you do.

Kim W.

Rich made the entire legal process for my injury claim simple. He was very responsive whenever I had questions or when updates emerged in my case. He worked tirelessly to win my case and get me the most money possible for my claim ... I can’t recommend him enough.

Marcia K.

When we first met I was in a rehab. place to recover from a very bad fall that I took & needed to be there. After that initial meeting I need time to take care of me in rehab. which lasted a whole month. He always had time for me & as much time as I needed. ... his explanation of thing were always spot on. Before going through the deliberation he first prompted me on things that I should & should not say. During deliberation he was right by my side & when the other attorney said something that he didn't agree with he always interjected his thoughts and he was always right. We had a very strong understanding of each other. His knowledge is impeccable. When it came to whether we were going to settle or go to court there really was no decision to make. He explained to me why we should or should not go to court. In listening to him I knew what I should do so it was at that point arrangement where made by him for the decision which ultimately proved to be right. I met all the right people at the end of it all everyone was happy except for the opposing team.


I have complete confidence in recommending Rich to anyone. I continue to be grateful for not just the help Rich provided but also the way he supported me through the process. ... When I was hit by a small truck while walking in town i didn’t think I would need a lawyer because the situation seemed straight forward. Fortunately, I listened to advice and looked for help. Rich relieved so much stress by handling so many aspects of ensuring I was not left with expenses for treatments I needed. Knowing which bills to pay would have been so confusing without Rich’s help. I received fair compensation which I would not have received without Rich’s knowledge and perseverance. As I had a brain injury as a result of my accident, there were many aspects of follow up treatments and requesting compensation that caused me much anxiety. Rich was so kind and thoughtful in the way he helped me take one step at a time in a way that I could manage. I felt he went above my expectations so I could get through the process. I am very grateful for Rich’s help. I highly recommend him.


Rich is a very knowledgeable and compassionate attorney who cares about his client’s well-being. I was seriously injured in an auto accident. He was able to obtain a settlement that surpassed my expectations. He is an outstanding attorney who ... will look after your best interests and I highly recommend him.

Christopher H.

Rich settled my personal injury about 2 years back, getting me a result that I could not be happier with. I do not believe any other lawyer would be able to match his results. He worked hard on doing what was best for me. Since then, Rich has ... advised me on a couple of other legal matters, always focused on what would result in the best-case scenario for me. He has only been honest and held the utmost integrity during all our interactions. He is a gem among lawyers. I have and will continue to recommend Rich to friends and family members who have had personal injury cases.

Srivatsan V.

We hired Rich to help us in a pedestrian injury case where the other party's insurance company was denying any liability whatsoever. An erroneous police report presented a further challenge. After engaging the appropriate expert to help support our case, Rich helped us recover the maximum ... possible settlement from the insurance company plus some more from the party at fault. We were so relieved that we did not have to go to court! He and his office communicated with us in a timely manner. I definitely recommend that you contact Rich Eichenbaum if you are facing a difficult injury case.

Chris K.

Rich Eichenbaum helped me finish a long battle I’ve been trying to wrap up for years. He was excellent, completely understanding, patient and calm in the turmoil we were going through. Rich looks out for my best interests ...                              and has my back the entire time. I’m so grateful! Highly recommend!!

Nancy B.

If you are in need of an attorney I/we could not recommend anyone more highly than Rich Eichenbaum!! He will go above and beyond in helping you present your case. He is professional, compassionate and ... very hard working. He is honest and would never pressure you in any way, but he is relentless in his pursuit of getting what he believes is fair and deserved, for you. So GRATEFUL He was recommended by an officer, to us.


Rich demonstrated true professionalism, dedication and care from our initial meeting to beyond the very successful settlement, even checking-in to see how our son was doing well after his case ...                              was closed. Rich was sensitive, patient with our concerns and in close communication throughout the entire process. His years of experience, knowledge, diligence and his well developed network were evident. Rich was recommended to us by a friend, and it is now our pleasure to highly recommend him to others.

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